The Erotics of Geography

Hazel Smith, who emigrated from Britain to Australia in 1988, has published two volumes of poetry and performance texts, Abstractly Represented, Butterfly Books (1991) and Keys Round Her Tongue (Soma Publishing, 2001), and made three CDs of her performance work, Poet Without Language, Nuraghic Echoes and Returning the Angles (all involve collaborations with Roger Dean). She is also co-author with Roger Dean of numerous new media works, many available on the Internet. She is a founding member of austraLYSIS, the international sound and new media arts group, and has performed her own work extensively nationally and internationally.

Hazel is author of Hyperscapes in the Poetry of Frank O’Hara: difference, homosexuality, topography (Liverpool UP, 2000) and The Writing Experiment: strategies for innovative creative writing (Allen and Unwin, 2005), which was short-listed for the Australian Publishing Association excellence in educational publishing awards. She is also co-author, with Roger Dean, of Improvisation, Hypermedia and the Arts Since 1945 (Harwood Academic, 1997). Hazel is the founder editor of infLect, an online international journal of multimedia writing.

Hazel had a previous career as a professional musician, and can be heard as a solo violinist on several commercial recordings.


The Erotics of Geography
by Hazel Smith • 2007 • $18
Design by Karen Zimmerman


Hazel Smith, author of the creative writing text, The Writing Experiment, shows us how it’s done in this spirited book of performance poems, collages, elegies, meditations, explorations of gossip, uncertain identities, bodies and the city, to say nothing of “acts of omission.” An accompanying cd-rom includes new media and performance works by Hazel Smith and Roger Dean.

from “Ought to do”:

I think I ought to do, she says, but then
don’t want to do insists and feels
she must give up what where she wants.
The want-not-won’t insists and tugs
against he must-will-ought-to-do
have got to be
and why-words tangle up with why-not-worlds.
It’s they-think turning into me-think
curling into non-think
diving into skies.
The ought-to-do becomes
not-want-do for reason-roam.
Duty is as duty does she doubts. She will
dither while the do-ought-must berates
the want-ought-won’t.


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