The 60s and 70s

Deborah Meadows teaches at Cal-Poly Pomona. She is author of forthcoming books of poems from Green Integer and Krupskaya. Her reviews have appeared in how2 and Jacket among other places.


The 60s and 70s: From “The Theory of Subjectivity in Moby Dick
By Deborah Meadows • 2003 • [out of print]
Design by Stuart Henley

Deborah Meadows reads through Herman Melville’s masterpiece, riffing off its concerns, but rendering them in utterly contemporary terms. Her questions, like Melville’s, are both physical and metaphysical: “What and where is the mind? / Inscribed upon, see through / a brittle clarity, read through spectacles / that make a skin / over skin”

from Chapter 79:

No face.
——————————like Shakespeare’s
——————————“every other human science,
——————is but a passing fable.”

——————Novel, by size,
affixed by nothing but riddles.
——————Riddles, note, derive from gardening,
——————an external reminder.