Surgical Brü-ez

Sherman Souther first came to Hawai?i in 1972 as a Stanford surgical resident assigned to the Kaiser Foundation Hospital in Honolulu. Six months later, he returned to the continent, but with a persistent desire to live in the Hawaiian Islands. After retiring from plastic surgery practice in California, he earned an MFA in Writig and Poetics from Narops University and now makes his home in Kapa?a, Kaua?i. For Immediate Release, xStream, Puppyflowers, The Muse Apprentice Guild, Many Mountains Moving, and Tinfish contain recent work.


Surgical Brü-ez
by Sherman Souther • 2005 • $10
Design by Lee Vanderkooi


Bruits are abnormal sounds, at least for doctors. In Surgical Brü-ez, retired surgeon turned Kaua?i poet Sherman Souther takes those sounds apart and restitches them. He uses the prose poem form to meditate variously on “the mysteries of surgeons,” dogs, landscapes, art, ageing, sexuality, and much else. This is Souther’s first chapbook.

from “On the Mysteries of Surgeons”:

“I wanted to march to the tabla, or at least some different colors.  Why not sixteen gentista, woad, sumac, or madder according to a random number list—madder, woad, sumac, woad, genista, woad, woad, woad, woad, woad, woad, sumac, madder, madder, sumac genista—or P, which may or may not—woad, madder, woad sumac, woad, woad, madder, sumac, sumac, genista, madder, genista, woad, woad, sumac, genista?  Then I whispered why blue—woad—unrelated to indigo.”