Say Throne

No‘u Revilla describes herself as follows: "No‘ukahau'oli is rooted in Maui, while pursuing her Cultural Studies scholarship in O‘ahu at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa. Her palapala is based on Native women's voices and indigenous storytelling. And like her kupuna said: "I way no‘u."


Say Throne
By No?u Revilla • April 2011 • $3
Design by Eric Butler

The first in Tinfish’s series of 12 retro chapbooks—made inexpensively and in short runs.

from “Say Throne”:

But salads brought you destiny. You ordered new appetites, pulling pushing Fancy chair–luxurious furniture with a capital “F” like fuck, like feed, like fiction. To your table the appetites arrived but Fancy chair fuck kept you occupied.
[occupied was occupation but not occupation that kept lady occupied]


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