Radiant Field

Naomi K. Long has previously published poems in TinFish, Arts & Letters, and M?noa. She graduated with a BA in English from the University of Hawai?i at M?noa and is currently attending the University of Iowa's Writers' Workshop, where she is working toward an M.F.A. in creative writing.


Radiant Field
By Naomi Long • 2004 • $9
Design by Mike Sarpy


The lyrical prose poems in Naomi Long’s Radiant Field offer the reader geographical and spiritual visions, an unmapped desert on which the narrator of this extended sequence walks without a map, meets, loves, and leaves a man, discovering beauty in desolation. This is Long’s first chapbook publication.

“The real subject of Long’s work is how the intense and sustained concentration of the mind on these events produces an evocative and satisfyingly unresolved series of questions and assertions.”
—Noah Eli Gordon, Poetry Project Newsletter

“A fascinating conjunction of prose poetry and obscure wide-lens photography running together, supporting each other in a passage through a strange verbal/visual landscape.
“This is an ingenious presentation. At the conclusion, I realize that the words have taken me in as intended, swept me along with the shadowy images that whiz past … Mostly Naomi K. Long has created an intriguing alignment.”
—Paul Zimmer, The Georgia Review (Fall/Winter 2006)

from Radiant Field:

Ten years ago, my child died, she says. She doesn’t say, Our child. Then pulls her cap down to hide her eyes. From her lips, a slip of smoke resigns itself to air. I check the plants, take care not to break the blooms as I set a cage around each vine. When the tomatoes ripen, we go to market. Leave before daybreak. Drive for hours. Headlights cut into the night like pale blades pressed into a black pillow. And not a single sign to gauge the distances.