Portraits : Parables

Susan M. Schultz is founder and editor of Tinfish Press.


Portraits : Parables
by Susan M. Schultz • 2005 • $3
Design by Josh Drechsler


Click on a website about left-handedness and get pornography. Answer the telephone to find the BTK strangler may have stolen one of your poems. Encounter a disgraced local politician now working in scrap. Look at photos—of Abu Ghraib, of a former child star, of an as-yet-unadopted child. Experiences like these inspired Schultz to write studies of [the] contemporary character.

from “The Untraumatized Man”:

“One imagines the untraumatized man playing ball with his son in the park. It is just spring, and the purple and the yellow flowers blossom. If the newspaper is his daily prayer, he has failed to utter it. If there is an ethics of memory, his is incomplete. If we are bonded by our trauma, he stands alone. Guard the untraumatized man, for he precedes and follows us.”


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