Physics & 12 Scenes from 12 A.M.

Lisa Asagi is based in Honolulu and London. She is an internationally published writer and conceptual artist with a penchant for collaborating with filmmakers, visual artists, music composers, live artists and farmers.

Gaye Chan is a conceptual artist whose work often ruminates on how cartography and photography simultaneously offer and occlude information. Her projects have taken place on the web, in publications and in galleries. She also undertakes collaborative projects under the moniker of Eating in Public.


Physics & 12 Scenes from 12 A.M.
by Lisa Asagi and Gaye Chan • 2001 • both for $7


Two poems in prose, presented as maps.

from Physics:

Behind a small eye of a small world, there is a place for things that have disappeared. A buildingless room visited by those who cannot stop searching for the right day, misplaced keys, drops of music, tails of footage. Who look across desks and wait to unpry. In the science of pursuit strangeness happens.

from 12 Scenes from 12 A.M.:

I am asleep and maybe I am dreaming. Maybe all of the incidents, all of the seconds of the day have been recorded somehow by traces of oxygen and blood cells circulating within my body. And as I lay feet level to head, eyes closed, at rest, fragments are being gathered. Tectonic plates pushing flashes of gestures, eruptions of scenarios are taking place in another realm of living. Walking without walking. Seeing without touching. Assemblies of memories unable to happen.


Physics and 12 Scenes from 12 A.M. have been used as required reading at the University of Hawai?i at M?noa.

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