Normie Salvador has an M.A. from the University of Hawai?i at M?noa in English. He is a freelance copy-editor and co-editor of the literary magazine Hybolics. Philter ends with an essay by Salvador on his position within the literary community in Hawai?i.


By Normie Salvador • 2003 • $8
Design by Jeff Sanner


Born, raised, and living in Waipahu, on the island of O?ahu, Salvador is decidedly not a local writer. Turning away from local themes of family, history, and culture, Salvador has written a collection of gothic love poems that incorporates mythology and science fiction among its tropes.

from “Birthing Pains”:

Courage is the smell of being born.

He strangled on a red rope
as he fought into this world.

She did not intend to
———————————————–nurse her emptiness.

They counseled speaking,
exploring grief.
When I spoke, the words
dance themselves into sense-less-ness.