No Guns, No Durian

Susan M. Schultz is author of Aleatory Allegories (Salt), Memory Cards & Adoption Papers (Potes and Poets Press) and And Then Something Happened (Salt). She edited a book of essays, The Tribe of John: Ashbery and Contemporary Poetry, and has a book called A Poetics of Impasse in Modern and Contemporary American Poetry (Alabama). She is also founder and editor of Tinfish Press.


No Guns, No Durian
By Susan M. Schultz • 2003 • [out of print]
Design by Ara Paylo

In this chapbook, whose title comes from the Cambodia diaries of Angelina Jolie, Schultz (herself the adoptive mother of a Cambodian child) de-composes some of the stories we tell about family and nation. In place of resemblance, she posits other forms of relation. “What breaks, finally, is blood and its thickness.”

from “Sons and Lovers”:

The defense secretary manipulates actual and symbolic value: “We will smoke them out of their caves”. A reporter asks about his shoes, the ones that remind the secretary of Taos, New Mexico. Adobe democrats forget their building material is made of shit.

No Guns, No Durian can be found in And Then Something Happened from Salt Publishing.


No Guns, No Durian has been used as required reading at the University of Alabama and Notre Dame.