Living Pidgin

Lee A. Tonouchi is a pidgin author and activist. He is da author of da short story collection Da Word from Bamboo Ridge Press, co-editor of Hybolics, and editor of da community Pidgin dictionary projeck Da Kine Dictionary from Bess Press.


Living Pidgin: Contemplations on Pidgin Culture
By Lee A. Tonouchi • First Edition 2002 • Second Edition 2009 • $14
Design by Mike Cueva


A collection of da pidgin guerrilla’s talks and poems, over 60 pages, some concrete, on language and culture in Hawai‘i.

Included in the book are such essays as “Da State of Pidgin Address” and “That Pidgin Th-ang,” which combine insight about Hawaiian Creole English (usually referred to as “pidgin”) with Tonouchi’s usual verve and wit. A must-buy for anyone interested in Hawai‘i, in language, in multicultural America.


Living Pidgin has been used as required reading at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa, Hawai‘i Pacific University and University of Illinois.