Ligature Strain

Kim Koga recently completed an MFA at the University of Notre Dame. While completing her degree she worked as Action Books' editorial assistant, co-edited two MFA publications The Bend and Re:Visions, and curated a reading series with fellow MFA student CJ Waterman. She received her BA in Literature and Writing from California State University San Marcos where she co-founded the Creative Writing Community and Workshop, their publication Oh, Cat, the Student Reading Series, and interned with 1913 Press. Her publications include Lantern Review, Triton College's Ariel, and 1913: a journal of forms. This is her first chapbook.


Ligature Strain
By Kim Koga • September 2011 • $3
Design by Eric Butler

Kim Koga has most likely written the chapbook on beaver birthing. Never certain if “you” are the beaver or the reader, you find yourself inside the beaver’s skin, her womb, pulling at her teats. You also find yourself doused in beaver blood while taking a shower downstream. Like Kim Hyesoon (whose Tinfish chapbook, translated by Don Mee Choi, can be found here) writes about human beings by writing as rats, Koga examines the human surround by placing us in intimate contact with an animal with whom we do—and do not—identify. This is a book to be read as “echo location” or “lactation.” Quirky, fertile writing.

from Ligature Strain:

white seeps in for that webbing is thin.
a balance for your swim bladder that
always kept you too low or too high.
a rudder for your swimming mind to
feast its jealousies on.


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