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Ya-Wen Ho graduated with her BA/BFA(Hons) at the University of Auckland in 2012 and works as a writer, editor and independent publisher of chapbooks and zines. She has previously been published in The Deformed, Bravado, JAAM, and Poetry New Zealand.

About the Cover: "The layout of the body was inspired heavily by Ho's writing. I wanted to control the way in which the poems were read, emphasizing the breaks, the shifts of thought. The cover work counters the interior layout and is based upon the title, which came about from the various files Ho accumulated while working on the poems (the edits and additions)." Allison Hanabusa, head designer


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By Ya-Wen Ho • 2012 • $13


Ya Wen Ho’s poetry sits on the (pointed, unsturdy) edge of the spoken and the digitized word. In last edited [insert time here], she presents performance texts based on google searches, drawing out
accidents that occur when words crack and blend together. In his work on Shakespeare, Garrett Stewart termed this process “lexical bucklings and permutations.” Hence, for Ho, “18 is XVII- / ‘(aye)_-da’ translated into English means ‘to take a / sound / beating_two eggs and a wife together,” or “anger / ‘issues’_rhymes with ’tissues,’ which can either refer to / a class of soft, absorbent, disposable papers or / an ensemble_of jazz musicians played at his mother’s / funeral_home directors earn on average…” This short book is a romp through contemporary life, mining the spot where virtual and actual cannot be wrenched apart, except between the syllables of quickly streaming words.

‘Ya-wen Ho’s last edited [insert time here] sits in a complex place, and how fortunate for us that this poet negotiates these intricacies with smooth turns between playful, intelligent, and funny. Ya-Wen Ho’s poetry stream of conscious word play rushes us through everything from pop culture to population control in China to PhDs driving taxis asking us to try and not “detonate the sleeping dog” and have a fabulous time while (not) doing it.’
—Lyz Soto, author of Eulogies, Co-Executive Director of Youth Speaks Hawai?i, and Co-Founder of Pacific Tongues

from “today I will stop procrastinating and clear my desk”:


desk_top pot plants thrive in her new corner
office_politics destroys many a work
ethic_ally I find the planting of trees with fermentable fruit in public places objectionable for the sake of alcohol-poisoned
birds_of a feather flock
to gather_one ounce of rose essential oil requires
60,000 fresh
roses_are red, violets are blue, sugar is 1sweet and so are
You_tube is a hugely popular video-sharing platform. Other notable examples include Dailymotion, Flickr, Photobucket, Vimeo
more_than 15,000 works are held within the collection of the Auckland Art Gallery Toi o
Tama_gotchi is a virtual digital pet.