Issue #19

Tinfish 19 includes parodies of Wallace Stevens by Jill Yamasawa and Gizelle Gajelonia; a letter to the editor in verse by Ryan Oishi; poems from Daniel Tiffany's forthcoming Tinfish volume, Dandelion Clock; landlord poems by Oscar Bermeo and Deborah Woodard; interventions in Maoist indigestion by Kenny Tanemura and Guantanamo by Rachel Loden; as well as poems by such luminaries as Barbara Jane Reyes, Jody Arthur, Jennifer Reimer, Janna Plant, Brandon Shimoda, Mandy Luo, Dennis Phillips, Emelihter Kihleng, Paul Naylor and others. The covers were handmade, the books handbound.


Tinfish 19
October 2009 • $12
Cover and Centerfold by Maya Portner
Design by Chae Ho Lee


Issue 19 review by Christine Thomas for Honolulu Advertiser.

Issue 19 has been used as required reading at Cal State-San Marcos and California College of the Arts.