Growing Still

Deborah Meadows is author of Itinerant Men (Krupskaya, 2004), Representing Absence (Green Integer, 2004) and a previous Tinfish chapbook, from The Theory of Subjectivity in Moby Dick (2003).


Growing Still
By Deborah Meadows • 2005 • [out of print]
Design by Nick Hunsinger

“To write so that years later you can’t recall the diaristic particulars of that day, recapture only a sense, a fractured tooth of that day.” Deborah Meadows’s prose poetry meditation, Growing Still reflects a life lived, and then reflected upon, one that exists in inextricable detail and is then rendered as abstraction. In this eloquent sequence of meditations Meadows reflects on time, war, work, justice, and other issues of these days. Meadows’s lyrical prose is at once beautiful and sharp-edged.

from Growing Still:

Imitative, a string of vocables made for city traffic, a coat, a liturgy of walking with crowds, a sentence opens with familiar weight as if naming television examples of bathos can save portent from the problem of induction. A scholar’s flight pattern was called in, the commercial pilot received approval set off.


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