Farout Library Software

Maged Zaher was born and raised in Cairo, Egypt, and came to the U.S. to pursue a graduate degree in Engineering. He has published two chapbooks, as well as poems in journals such as New American Writing, Tinfish, and Exquisite Corpse. He translates contemporary Egyptian poetry.

Pam Brown has published many books of poetry and prose. Her most recent collection is Dear Deliria (Salt, 2003). Her newest collection from 2008 is True Thoughts. She keeps a blog.


Farout Library Software
by Maged Zaher and Pam Brown • 2007 • $10
Design by Chae Ho Lee


The collaboration between Pam Brown (Australia) and Maged Zaher (Seattle) came about due to the absence of a poem. Maged sent Pam a submission to Jacket, of which Pam is associate editor. But Maged forgot to enclose the poem. In an effort to atone, Maged proposed a collaboration between them; this collaboration was to last for a year and a half and comprise the poems published in this chapbook. The collaboration is seamless; even Pam attests she could no longer tell whose writing was whose as she proof-read. Among the poems’ subjects: change, constant change of jobs, friends, cities, and of course the software with which we mark time’s passing.

from Farout Library Software:

cut me down your biggest tree
fill my tank with toxic fossils
in case I live bring me a spoon
in case I die bring me a flower
for my reincarnation
and I will talk all night long
in a hydroponic haze

also from Farout Library Software:

this is the life come on
an abundance of optimism
we will do it and how bring it on
the wonderful world
the total fucking brilliant world
and oh how lovely is everyone


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