Composite Diplomacy

Padcha Tuntha-obas is a native of Bangkok, Thailand. After spending six years in the United States as a student of Philosophy and Creative Writing, she began publishing her creative work in Chain. Composite Diplomacy is her first solo published work. She lives in Bangkok, Thailand.


Composite Diplomacy
By Padcha Tuntha-obas • 2005 • $9
Design by Tomi Ponciano


There are poems and there are poems translated into another language. Composite Diplomacy presents us with a further possibility, presenting a poem, its translation, as well as sentence diagrams, lexicons, and musical scores in one package. To read this poem is also to read the poem in the process of translation from a language built on tones to one without, from a language in one alphabet to one with another. The result is a forensic investigation not simply of this poem’s translation, but of the very notion of translation. Padcha Tuntha-obas offers her reader a “wakeful poetry” that inspires such marvelous poetic interventions. “Time that travels sings concurrently to the path of letters.”

from Composite Diplomacy: