Awkward Hugger

Timothy Dyke lives in Honolulu, Hawai‘i with parrots. He teaches high school students and writes poems, stories, and essays. In 2012 he earned an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Arizona.

AWKWARD HUGGER coverAwkward Hugger
By Timothy Dyke • 2015 • $12
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Timothy Dyke is “an earnest writer.” He writes about sex, about shame, about gay teens who commit suicide and their gay camp counselors who sometimes do, too, about race, lost love, and parrots. Yet his poems are at once piercing and funny. While the bass line to these poems is despair, the awkwardness of phrasing and hugging pulls us into the world where wry humor (often at our own expense) can save us, if only we’re willing to laugh (at and with, both).


from Awkward Hugger:



In the hot tub my foamy nude friend says I love you

I say I love you too and he says

I didn’t say I love you I said

I love youtube

I am a small man trapped in the body of

the hulking dude with the neck tattoo

who will not kick your ass

I do not miss the summer I came down from Ecstasy

in Vermont flower fields

I miss the naive certainty spiritual epiphany rounded every bend

who writes about love writes about shame who

writes about God writes about shame who

writes about Hawai‘i skin stories teacher story

writes about shame who

writes about sex writes about

shame you are my best drug

slippery skein

whispers for screens body of windows

Shame you are the musty corridor

Metaphor of caterpillars

Shame you are my dry cocoon