All Around What Empties Out

Linh Dinh is the author of a collection of stories, Fake House (Seven Stories Press), and three chapbooks of poems. His poetry is widely anthologized. He is living in Certaldo, Italy as a guest of the International Parliament of Writers.


All Around What Empties Out
by Linh Dinh • 2003 • [out of print]
Design by Stuart Henley

“He raids and reinvents the language with an ardor bordering on delirium.”
—Rachel Loden

“Linh Dinh looks at the world with the clearest eyes imaginable, a walking example of the role of the real at the heart of the surreal.”
—Ron Silliman

from All Around What Empties Out:


A blindfolded native speaker reenacts continuously the syntax of a fading tongue he cannot decipher having not so long ago emigrated by a lisping dinghy down the muddy white stream of gunboat diplomacy.

Lying on the seeded floor, the wise coolie opines: Once I thought it would be cool to always be flummoxed by a fair femme of this come-on epoch. Once I thought it would be cool to schlep through this newspangled alphabet.

Have you, Sir, by chance, perused the illustrated biography of this moon-walking American?


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