A Drag Queen Named Pipi

Dan Taulapapa McMullin is a Samoan American writer, filmmaker and painter. He lives in California and Samoa and is working on a film The Shark in the Woods. His work has earned many awards, including the 2002 Rainbow Award for Best Short at the Honolulu Gay & Lesbian Film Festival for Sinalela.


A Drag Queen Named Pipi And Other Poems: Fagogo ma Solo
By Dan Taulapapa McMullin • 2004 • [out of print]
Design by James Nakamura

A Drag Queen Named Pipi is peopled by ghosts and other souls, from Moana (the Ocean), to an American soldier dead in Iraq, to Sinalela, “an ex-rugby player consigned to household duties,” among many. His poems combine real and phantasmagoric events to elucidate, among other themes, issues of sexuality and colonialism. McMullin’s poems are presented in conversation with James Nakamura’s design, featuring undersea imagery.

from “A Ghost”:

In Lagituavalu a ghost roamed the land,
It was a crying ghost and it lived in the trees.
People everywhere talked about the crying ghost and what a nuisance it was becoming.
They petitioned the Governor to do something about it.
Send it away on priority mail, or maybe express mail post haste.