???? and then entwine

Jai Arun Ravine is a Thai American and luk kreung writer, dancer, video and performance artist. They are also the author of the chapbook Is This January (Corollary Press, 2010), The Spiderboi Files and the director of the short film Tom / Trans / Thai, which was installed at the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (Thailand), Sabina Lee Gallery (Los Angeles) and screened at CAAMFest 2013 (San Francisco). A recipient of fellowships from ComPeung, Djerassi and Kundiman, they graduated with an MFA in Writing & Poetics from Naropa University.


แล้ว and then entwine
By Jai Arun Ravine • 2011 • $18
Design by Sumet (Ben) Viwatmanitsakul


This powerful first collection by Thai American writer Jai Arun Ravine pulls itself and its readers across geographies, cultures, languages, identities, and genders in a performance of transformation. Ravine weaves Thai and English, the past and the present, the lyric and the narrative, into a hypnotizing poetic dance. Additionally, Ravine explores the documentation of identity and citizenship through re-articulating charts, pages of a child’s composition book, and a birth certificate. This collection explores the seams of identity and origin and how they are painfully and beautifully entwined.

from แล้ว and then entwine:

Of all possible transcriptions, “pull” and “marrow” were impossible beside themselves. She posed doubtfully before her own history. What tense and geology was this? Why did her knots restrain and strangle? She dug further into corpuscles and atomics, burned her palm to the thick braid of the rope and pulled. She did not have a desire to see her feet on sea bottom. “Trench” and “tread” were of no interest. She sewed the hems of her own hands back together so that she would still look diplomatic. Finally, she was too far away to see properly.


Find Jai Arun Ravine online at jaiarunravine.com and view an excerpt from their film Tom/Trans/Thai on Vimeo.

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