A Is for Adoption
by Janice Williamson

for Rae Xiao Bao Williamson

is for Adoption

Ancient Aim
Accidental Airplane landing
tripped Auto route with
Audacious invitations Accompany our us this life
Any Alphabet, Autumn or Auntie
And All that Again begins

is for Birth

a mother who Bores you
Brushed on plum Blossoms
a wooden Boat’s tidal passage
glimmering Black’s Beauty
Birth father’s Blue Bicycle
Bus or Balloon or Brother
Bloodlines and Browner
Bee Buzzes
Beyond Bio cuddle

is for Child

Cat’s Cradle laced in hand
any word for Cousin in Cantonese
the Canadada kind of simple Care
a giver Crevée at the foot of the Crib
Coy Courtyard Crimped
in Conversation’s dip

is for Dog

-eared and obedient at your portrait’s side
the imaginary bark you Draw
Despair abandoned in your Daughter’s eye
Daddy’s rough hands or smooth
sweet flesh of Dragon fruit
any Dead end avoided for this small while
Depression, another word for Daffodil
or Darkness enough

is for Each

and Everyone’s Embrace
this pond’s rippled Exclamations
Echo’s Ecstatic reach
an fresh Entrance, the Elbowing tease
of Edmonton’s stout corners

is for Fu

a Fortunate Fishing expedition
the Feeling of Folded
to Fit into Forever Found
what Feeds Friendship or pool
a Fortiori goes

is for Grand

Greater than Good
Grandma’s Gambol once removed
Grand finales or Gambits
her Glabella’s kissing spot
any Grammatical Grandpa’s hike

is for Honeycomb

gold House seeping
swell nature’s waxed Hum
along this Hip roof close to Her Heart
Hooped Home
Hallmark’s Halo flipped
How Held you Here
in Her Hand inked

is for Ink

Ill-shaped words cramped out of tight
Imp of Important Icebergs
white Icings I’d Issue
Inside Implication’s bent jig

is for the Janus

Jaunt to and fro
double stubble, neither Jade
nor Jonquil, not Jealous
but Jelly
a Jinxand Jester’s kaboodle

is for Kitchen

a Knitter’s quiet Kaleidoscope
any Kisses Kangaroo morning
Kettle crash cooking
two kittens who refuse
Kite’s lilt

is for Lake

shore Lip arcs Love beyond split up
between Lazy Lineage Lived
Linked hosts of plump gambits
Legal ambits milked

is for Mommy

Mad as your Mitten song
Metallic comb Music
Moon Mugs in Maoming
Multiculture’s Magnificent First China Beach
Mess Magnified More
than Mid-life nasturtiums

is for News

the Nose we don’t know
Neither this Nor
Nothing Nowhere or
Nobody’s baby
Nightmare’s breezy dénouement

is for Oh

the breath Of ahhhhhh
willow’s Osier
Often more than Opposites attract
split Open up the awful Owie
the Out of alone about pruned

is for Pianissimo

noisy Paper Precipitation
Padang or troubled Ponoka
Palengbang Place remembered allez retour
this Pen’s Phonograph Pursuits
squirreled Piffle Patience
Persephone’s Pleasure
scarlet Pomegranate restored
(no Platitudes, Please and quiet)

is for Quite

the never Quit of it
a Quenelle beyond her ken
shade’s Query revised

is for Rain

Rounding a cloudy Room asleep
any worthy Risk a Revolution
of wrecked afternoons
the Right wail surprises

is for Sister

the one you Salve, the one you want
Scales on the up and up
Spring again, the Silly
or Slip of fish
not Stolen but missed
neither Sensible nor Sun
any Sound your eyes track

is for Time

how we find Today Together
Teething you once gave up
“Timber”Tense cry before you fall
a bowed Treasure Tossed
sorrowed Tilt of Tsunami’s silent under

is for Uvula

Uttered euphoria of Urbane Upbringing
squalled skinned waterways in Umiak
cut-Up woman-paddled Until
the axed Ugh or Ultraviolet
vanquished Unarmed from linked
Umbilicus gleaned girl
fix that Ultrasonogram
prickly Urchin
your vim

is for Very

Violin Very Violet reversed
a Vehicular Vivacious whim
as the well-heeled Vernacular VIP
works overtime Virtually
promoted Very bonus
Vinyl exhaustion wilding

is for When

While Went Wipe
no Wars to claim victory When
so many left Waiting Without
rimmed Window into her future
What child matters What’s broken or
What’s not lost
not counted
out X’d

is for Xiao

the X of little
thunk of xylophone
or the traipse of nomadic Xenophile
Xtra news of her beginning in the Xeriscape of family
a chip off the old Xylograph
belle rock a bye Xenocryst yawn

is for Y

her her and Yawl
him Yolk that tills
any Ylang-Ylang of gossip’s worry
the odiferousYackety
Yack often scandals Yang
Your Yearbook too much oratorio
in Yard and welcome
promises of Yellow plague
stench of history’s Yeast
and the anxious offspring
Yeah of Yen’s
Yes Yes zest

is for Zag

a single Zither between your teeth
the Zealous beaten or yolk in Zabaglione
eight goats know the Zoological difference
between bond and attachment ——- the original lick
that matters more or less
your Zephyr blown
arced like the sweep of Zamboni
in the Zap of love
you hold today like a Zarf at the Zen in Zenith
towards Zanana’s warm waiting room
in our Zafftig appetites


Janice Williamson is a writer, critic, editor and professor in the English Department at the University of Alberta. Author of Crybaby! (NeWest Press) and Tell Tale Signs (Turnstone Press), she also published a book of interviews with Canadian women writers and an anthology on Canadian women and peace. At this very moment, she is completing Hexagrams for My Chinese Daughter, an adoption and travel narrative structured by the I Ching.

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