Mamas, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Supply-Side Economists
by Jules Boykoff

For Sheeran Sheeran, Kristen Sheeran, & Robin Hahnel

people live there
people live there
people live there

tracking the trends of reaction

“I’m just taking this to the extreme sort of thing.”

“In France they’re like really cultural.”

Ben Franklin had a beer gut?

Noose or needle? Needle or noose?

What’s your return policy?

Do squirrels ever say “Fuck It”?

“Dressed in black ski masks” [mayhem] [mayhem]
“Dozens of young people” [incite] [incite]
“Pick a topic, any topic” [grab bag] [grab bag]
“Thirty-five hundred officers from six departments” [scatter scatter skirmish skirmish]
“spent $1 million on riot gear” [black-boxification]

“A guerrilla army of anti-trade”
“a rag-tag army of demonstrators bent on civil and uncivil disobedience”

• “Global Village Idiots,”

• “rainbow-haired hippies” “pink-haired women” “bandanna-masked men”
“You might think it was a police convention, but”
“Hammers and sickles haven’t been this abundant since”

“The turtles speak to me. I’m a voice for the critters—the four-legged ones and onelegged
ones, the trees,”

Activists decried dam
Relocation of indigenous
The pollution of the
Provide too little debt relief to
Implement loans that force governments to

What does “global justice” mean?

“It’s all very noisy and rather silly.” [he said]
“I’m sure when you were their age you had your gripes.” [she said].
“I don’t think the World Bank is an evil organization.” [he said]
“it’s not perfect, but few organizations are.” [she said]

“A middle-aged man with green hair embraced a woman as a folk song played over the
She had magenta streaks in her unwashed hair.

Did you say anti-trade anywhere in there?

“Leather-clad, buzz-cut anarchists squatted and ate with natural-fiber dreadlocked reformers. Clean-cut Ivy League leftists chatted and chewed with skateboard ‘punx’ while gray-haired hippies broke bread with rainbow-haired hippies. They were like members of various religions who called the devil by many different names.”

a “less militant tone” [wink wink, good boy]

that “sleeping dragon” sure is a cute little spud

[“gripes” “gripes” “gripes”]

What about the, uh, Indians?
What about the, uh, military budge budge budget?
What about the, uh, Libya as burgeoning tourist magnet?
What about the, uh, Blackhawk helicopter?
What about the, uh, dollar a day?
What about the, uh, free-based freedom chef?
What about the, uh, Shoppers Club?
What about the, uh, lexical jujitsu?
What about the, uh, tax increase on cigarettes?
What about the, uh, national security strategy?
What about the, uh, parking permit?
What about the, uh, surveillance camera at the outlet mall?
What about the, uh, Qaddaffi?
What about the, uh, corn model?
What about the, uh, court order?
What about the, uh, Posse Comitatus?
What about the, uh, Operation Get Einstein?
What about the, uh, oil?

right- right

red fish. blue fish. dead fish.

dead fish.

The revolution will not be
reformatted using the Chicago Manual of Style.

This is my job. This is how I eat.
We are all tiny people in a minor place.



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Jules Boykoff co-edits Tangent, a zine of politics and art, and co-hosts Tangent Radio: Poetry & Politics, a weekly radio show in Walla Walla, Washington. These projects—which he works on with Kaia Sand—can be accessed at He is author of the chapbook Philosophical Investigations Inna Neo-Con Roots-Dub Styley (The Interrupting Cow Press, 2004) and has work forthcoming in Tripwire, Extra!, and the online Swiss journal du sie. He teaches in the Politics Department at Whitman College in Walla Walla.