Da History of da Pigeon
by Joe Balaz

Like different kine words, da world wuz full of different kine birds: Yellow birds, blue birds, red birds, love birds-and den came da pigeon.

Da history of da word pigeon is li’dis-Wen da French-speaking Normans wen conquer England in da year TEN-SIX-SIX, dey wen bring along wit dem da word pigeon, foa da type of bird it wuz. Da resident Anglo- Saxons used da word dove, or d-u-f-e, as dey used to spell Ium, to mean da same bird. It just so happened dat terms in Norman-French wen blend wit Old English sentence structure, to form wat we know as Middle English. In da process, da French word became da wun dat referred to da pigeon as food. Today in England, if you look foa dem, you can still find recipes foa pigeon pie.

Food foa taught, eh?-Even back den, da word pigeon wen blend wit pigeon, foa get some moa pigeon.

So nowadays get pigeon by da zoo-Get pigeon on da beach-Get pigeon in town-Get pigeon in coops- And no maddah wat anybody try do, dey kannot get rid of pigeon-

I guess wit such a wide blue sky, everyting deserves to fly.

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